Damages You Can Pursue In Motorcycle Accident Cases

Statistics show us that the losses appearing in motorcycle accidents are up to twelve times higher than the losses we see in the other possible vehicular collisions. This is why it is so important to always hire a personal injury attorney to represent you during the claims process. Unfortunately though, this is something most people do not do or they do it later than it should happen.

One of the most important things for you at the end of the process is always to receive as many damages as possible. Obviously, this is all about what is fair according to the law. To better highlight what your rights are, let’s discuss some of the most common damages you can pursue in motorcycle cases.

Medical Bills

In motorcycle collisions, you can easily end up sustaining very serious injuries. These would lead to really high medical bills. As a very simple example, if you have to be treated at the trauma center for hospitalization, a head injury would end up costing around $35,000. After the accident, you have the right to recover costs for surgery, hospital stays, diagnostic tests, doctor visits, rehabilitative therapy, chiropractic care, and physical therapy. You can even get back money that you would need to deal with future medical costs. This is necessary when ongoing treatment is a necessity.

Pain And Suffering

In a motorcycle crash, you have to deal with several injuries. Some are temporary, like road rash. Others though are long term, like broken bones. And you can also have to deal with disabling injuries, like head trauma or traumatic brain injury. According to the law, you can receive compensation to cover pain and suffering, if associated with the injuries. However, there is no fixed formula you can use in order to calculate financial compensation.

In order to recover as much as possible for the injuries, the experienced motorcycle attorney is going to rely on their experience and knowledge to properly evaluate the claim.

Wage Losses

When the injuries you suffered because of the motorcycle accident stop you from working, the lost income can be included in the recovery claim. This is true even if you utilized vacation time or sick leave as you were recovering. Reimbursements might be available for you.

We should also highlight the special situation in which injuries will leave you disabled permanently and you will never be able to work again or work at the same level. This is when the motorcycle accident attorney, together with experienced economists can calculate all future losses. You can thus recover compensation for earning capacity reduction. Things get even more complicated when you need Indianapolis wrongful death lawyers.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several damages you can pursue with motorcycle accidents and there is a pretty good possibility you will not even be aware of all that you lost after the incident. This is why you absolutely need a motorcycle accident attorney who would be able to recuperate the damages you will be entitled to following the accident, all based on absolutely all you appeared.