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Green Cards – Who/What are they for?

Have you ever wanted to reunite your family in the USA? My only wish is that I get my parents a green card so they can travel and stay in the United States.

A family immigration lawyer will help you navigate the process. Get an immigrant visa if you plan to relocate permanently to the USA. However, getting an immigration visa for a foreign citizen is a long and challenging process. If you make a simple mistake, your application may be declined and delay your immigration visa. An experienced family immigration lawyer is familiar with the process and hence helps with reviewing and ensuring your document is complete.

The parent of a US citizen is considered an immediate relative by law. The number of green cards given annually is not limited hence no delays due to the waiting list. If you are 21 years and a US citizen, you can apply for a green card for your parents. Your parents may fail to get a green card if:

  • They have a criminal record or immigration violations.
  • Dangerous mental or physical behavior.
  • They have a disease that is a public health risk.

How would you define a green card?

It is a permit by the US government that allows you permanently to live and work in the USA. Is it not great? The back of the green card has the following:

  • Machine-readable code.
  • Photo of the holder.

The importance of green cards.

This card enables a foreign citizen to enjoy almost all the rights a US citizen is entitled to. These includes:

  • . Permit to work permanently in the USA.
  1. If you have been a green card holder for more than five years, you will qualify for Medicare benefits and government assistance.
  2. If you have been a green card holder for more than five years, you can apply for US citizenship.
  3. It is not complicated to get commercial and business licenses.
  4. Unlimited residency.
  5. Students can get federal loans.
  6. It is automatic that family members get a green card. So you don’t have to worry if you can get your parents a green card.

Where can you get these green cards?

  1. When you win the green card lottery.
  2. When you get a job.
  3. When you make a significant investment in a US company.
  4. When the US citizen’s family has a reunion.

Eligibility checklist.

  • .You must be 21 years and above if you want to petition a permanent residency for your parents.
  • Only US citizens can apply for a green card for their parents. Not a permanent resident. Understand the difference.
  • If your parents once overstayed after their visas expired, they may be denied a green card.
  • If your parents have a bad criminal record, they might not get a green card.


A United States citizen may want their parents to relocate and live with them in the states. Lucky for you, if you are 21 years, a US citizen, and financially stable, you can apply for a green card for your parents. Your parents will be denied a green card if they have extreme mental behavior, public health risk, or criminal record.

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