Underage Drinking Penalties in Colorado

Underage drinking is a crime in many states, including Colorado. Underage drinking can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances of your case. If you are convicted of underage drinking, you will be required to complete a diversion program and DUI penalties such as fines and court costs associated with your charges.

What are the Penalties for Underage Drinking in Colorado?

The Colorado Springs Police Department has several ways to handle underage drinking cases. If the offender is under 18 years old or caught with an open container of alcohol,they will be given a warning and sent home. If the offender has been drinking at an establishment that serves alcohol, they could be arrested and taken to jail or released on their own recognizance (ROR).

If the offender is over 18 years old but under 21 years old, they may be charged with a misdemeanor crime depending on the circumstances surrounding this incident. If there was another person involved in this incident as well as one more than 21 years old who was drinking alcohol at the same time as your underage friend, then both people could be charged with underage consumption.

What to Do If You’ve Been Charged with Underage Drinking in Colorado

There are several factors to consider if you are charged with underage drinking. Underage drinking laws can vary from state to state. For example, Colorado has a zero-tolerance policy for minors under 21 who have been drinking alcohol. And underage DUI penalties can be severe.

So, if you have been charged with underage drinking, it is crucial that you know your rights and be prepared for the fact that a conviction will mean jail time. The following are some tips that may help if you find yourself in this situation:

1) Be prepared to provide information about your case and any evidence against you at the first court date. You should also be prepared to pay bail or bond if necessary.

2) If possible, schedule an appointment with an attorney ahead of time so they can familiarize themselves with the facts of your case and advise you on how best to proceed going forward.

3) If possible, try to avoid being arrested unless absolutely necessary. This will waste valuable time and make getting back on track much more difficult when sentenced later in court proceedings.

Do You Need an Attorney?

If you have been charged with underage DUI, get in touch with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Even if you are unsure whether or not there will be any significant penalties or jail time associated with your underage DUI charge, it is still important to contact a lawyer before making any decisions about your case.

The consequences of an underage DUI conviction can be severe and range from fines to jail time. If convicted of underage DUI, you could face fines between $250 and $10,000, potential jail time up to one year, community service hours and more, depending on your case circumstances. But an attorney will ensure you get a lenient sentence should you be convicted.

Key Takeaway

The Colorado Springs underage drinking law is complex, and it can be difficult to understand what you can and cannot do when charged with this crime. If you have been charged with underage drinking in Colorado Springs, it is crucial that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

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